Thursday, May 31, 2012

"May" I have your attention...

This is the "random" stuff that is just everyday life for us!
Our high tech girls playing with our iPhones.
SB taking her meds like a big girl!
First time swinging on a big girl swing!
Sarah Beth dressing up.
How many babies can fit in the buggy?
Dressing up.
Fun at Target!

Just a swingin'
Sleepy girl.
Camera hijacked
Baby in a bucket!
Play date at the park.
Hayley having some goldfish
Zoe pushing SB
We decided to get brave and let the girls push the "little buggies" at the grocery store. It was a success and they LOVED it!
I fixed muffins one day. I left them on the counter and come back to this...
Hummm, wonder what happened? Mouse? Nope, I caught her in action...
Oh well, at least she ate!

The girls stole my phone again...

Hannah put on my heels one day and it was too cute!
We went to the park to play one afternoon.
Hannah, our not so brave child, decided to climb up this by herself!
Hayley, well is Hayley, playing in the sand. She can't just play, she has to lay in it too!
Hannah taking a picture of me!
Well, Hayley woke up cold even though it's like 105 outside...
This is one of my FAVORITES EVER! I told the girls to go get ready because we were going to the store. Well, they came out like this...
Hayley sporting the Cinderella dress complete with matching bow and pink rain boots!
Hannah, wearing her Barbie bakers apron with matching flower bow!
Yes, I let them wear them to the store because they were so proud of getting ready.

Pudding anyone?
Happy girl!
Play date at the park with Peyton!
Silly girl!
SB wasn't feeling well so we went to the doctor. Wouldn't know it by looking at her.
After her shot, she was OUT!
The girls LOVE to help me water the flowers.
Sweet Hayley.
Silly Hannah.
Hayley, so cute with her piggy tails!
SB is so very proud she can climb in the big chair by herself!
May was fun and eventful, can't wait to see what June has in store for us!

Visit to Nannie & Papaw's

The girls and I headed to Nannie and Papaw's house this weekend. I was supposed to go to Canton on Thursday while the girls stayed with Nannie and Papaw. Then, we were headed to Nano and Big Daddy's for a couple of days. Buuuut, I have three kids so plans get changed ALL the time! On Wednesday night about 3am Hannah woke up with croup (ALWAYS happens at 3am). So, I didn't get to go to Canton. We instead woke up and played around Nannie and Papaw's for a few hours before we left for home. We took them out to feed the cows and they LOVED it. Well, at first, we couldn't find them so Papaw loaded them up and drove around to find them and they followed them back to the house.
Hayley trying to feed them a banana.
Calling the cows up.
Sarah Beth trying to call them.

Papaw went and got some horse apples off the tree to feed them (the cows love them).
Eating a horse apple.
What's this...
Hannah throwing the apples to them.
Trying to pet them.

Even though I didn't get to go to Canton, we made memories and it was fun!