Saturday, June 30, 2012

Barnyard Bash-Twins 3rd Bday!

First, again sorry for the super long post. I have the blog printed into books so I want to make sure I have everything from the party for the girls to remember!

Here's the invitation...
The night before the party, Mima, Christie, Morgan, and Gyvonne came to help get ready. Not sure what I would have done without their help either!
 Morgan and the twins playing while we sat up everything...
Trail Mix and Book as "Thank You" party favors.
Christie, Morgan, and Mima made the barn...

Let the fun begin!
Ms. Joy and Faith brought their sheep and baby lamb for the kids to pet!

Family photo attempts!

SB saying, "Hi!" to Baby Justin. And, Hayley not in the best of moods
(I had to wake her from her nap).
Peyton & SB
Ella & Brendan

It's Landry!
Aunt Crystal & Hayley
Hannah welcoming Macey
Kinsleigh riding the roller coaster.
Vegas having a seat!
Mima and Hayley
Hannah, Mima, & Hayley

Vegas having a bottle.
Hayley loving her hat!
 The birthday girls!!
(I made their dresses to match the theme)
Feeding Vegas
"Chow Line" and "Watering Hole"
Zoe and Mama Sheep
 Fun, Fun, Fun!
Lance sporting his birthday hat!
The guest book (it's the same book we gave out as party favors).
Big Daddy & Hannah
Hayley and Tripp ready for some cake!
Game Time!


Just having fun!

Petting the sheep!

 Morgan with the cupcakes she made BY HERSELF!!
 They were YUMMY and looked AWESOME!
 Even a "HH" brand.
 More playing!
Tripp & SB

 Ready to sing...

Blowing out their candles.
Cake and Ice Cream time!



Telling Macey, "Bye!"
 Trampoline fun!
Baby Justin!


 Hayley was SO cute going to each person to tell them, "Thank You" for EVERY gift she got!

 Mommy and Daddy got them their first bike!
Hayley with her princess bike.
 Hannah with her Strawberry Shortcake bike.
Christie and the girls.
 Hayley playing
Morgan and Hannah
 I think everyone had a great time! The party turned out great! The girls LOVED it and that's really all that matters!