Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Time is Here

Christmas this year as with every year was a rush! We had Christmas with Mima at our house on Christmas Eve and celebrated Christmas with the Cossey's Christmas Day. Even with the rush it's always nice to spend time with our families.

The night before Christmas Eve, Hayley wanted to open gifts so bad...

Mima and her girls... 
Family Shot... 
The girls...
 Our family photo
Ready for church service!
Hayley Christmas Eve night.  She still can't wait! 
Just this one? 
"Here Hayley, let me help." 

How about this BIG one? 
Was that a real "Wait"? 

"I'm going to try this one more time!" 

"I REALLY want to open this cute little one." 
 I know this is blurry but I thought it was so cute.  It just "describes" Hayley opening gifts. As fast as she can!
It's a pillow, It's a pet, It's a Pillow Pet! 
Hayley loves her Penguin 
Hannah loves her bee 

KITCHEN, this was a HIT! 

Mima's turn... 
Mommy's turn... 
Daddy's turn.  I sent him on a scavenger hunt for his gift.  He got a bike! 
Christmas Morning
Santa Came to see two good little girls! 
And they were EXCITED! 

 Hayley and Mommy!
We wondered how long it would take for one of them to figure this out.
Hannah is out little monkey and likes to climb. 
After we did Santa and stockings, we got ready and headed to Hamburg, AR to celebrate Christmas with the Cossey's.
 Opening gifts...
 Chris, Chassity, Caleb, and Andrew
 Maci, Hannah, Tyler
Grandma helping Hannah open her gifts.
Grandma and Hannah
Chassity and Caleb 
 A cute ornament Aunt Shawn got the girls.  It reads, "Visions of Razorbacks danced in their heads".
Hannah helping Peyton and Aunt Crystal 
Tyler and Hannah riding her new 4 wheeler. 
After gifts, we had our first annual Cossey Christmas Scavenger hunt.
Team Uncle Chris, Aunt Crystal and Tyler 
Team Aunt Chassity, Aunt Misty, Uncle Todd and Maci (and dog Ace) 
(We have more on our team because the considered Maci and I to count as one since she is the youngest and I'm pregnant)
The officials
Uncle Cecil Ray, Grandma and Aunt Shawn 
For the scavenger hunt, we had clues to follow to certain places for the next clue with both teams final clue led to the prize!
Us running to our first clue... 
Team "CCT" running to their next clue... 
Me "running" to our next clue.  Mind you that I am 6 months pregnant so my "running" is a little different than my teammates. 
Team "CMTM" reading a clue. 
Off to the next spot... 
Here we are "running" again (not bad for a pregnant woman if I say so myself) 
Team CCT trying to figure their clue out... 
Tyler was in such a hurry to get out of the barn, he hit his back and I believe at that moment, he realized they were going to lose! 
Running again... 
As you can see I am comfortable on the couch waiting for my team because I was so fast to get the prize!! 
Tyler whining because it was so cold (blaming that on the loss probably) 
Maci and Hannah the next morning 
Hayley riding her horse 
Grandma reading with the twins (Hannah-L, Hayley-R) 
It was a wonderful time being with family and celebrating the Holidays!