Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter at Mima's

We spent Easter at Mima's house this year.  We went to church, dyed eggs, hunted eggs and the Easter Bunny came to Mima's and left all kinds of goodies!!
Sarah Beth's Basket 
Hayley's Basket 
Hannah's Basket 
Beautiful Hayley... 
Hannah's silly self won't look at the camera. 
Sarah Beth was worn out from church! 
Checking out the goodies from the Easter Bunny! 
Hayley Bunny! 
SB Bunny!
Hannah Bunny! 
Attempt at a family picture... 
Well, it was a try!

Aunt B came over to see Sarah Beth. 
Egg Dying Time!! 
Mima & Hayley
Daddy & Hannah 

Mommy & Hayley 
The girls are MUCH cuter bunnies!
Time for the Egg Hunt!!  This was the first year the girls got to hunt eggs and it was SO much fun to watch them!
Hannah already found some... 

Hayley is excited she found some... 

So, it didn't take them long to figure out that there was candy in the eggs... 

Nannie helping Hannah 
Mommy helping Hannah... 
I think Daddy is breaking into the eggs too... 
Hannah breaking in the eggs again... 
Looking for the candy... 
Sarah Beth just slept through the whole thing... 
Notice Hayley throwing down the empty egg... 
This is what was left. An empty candy wrapper and an empty egg.  They are too smart for their own good. 

After we hunted the eggs, Morgan and Gyvonne came over to see the girls. 
 This was their first time to see Sarah Beth.

Morgan & SB 
Gyvonne & SB 
Sarah Beth doing what she does best sleeping with her Easter bib on... 
We had a great visit with Mima for Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Sarah Beth 1 Month and Texas Meet & Greet

Where does the time go? I can't believe that our littlest baby girl is already 1 month old!  We went to Mima's house on her one month birthday and had a "Meet and Greet" for all our Texas family and friends.

Here are her Stats-
Weight: 9 lbs. 10 oz.
Height: 21.75"
Milestones: Smiling, Sleeping through the night, Watching us with her eyes
Happy One Month Baby Girl!
Hayley all dressed up for the "Meet & Greet"
"Can I take your order?"
Nannie & Hannah
Papaw & Hayley
The main attraction and she's sleeping...

Mima feeding Sarah Beth
Me & Jake
Auntie Dani & Sarah Beth
Hayley playing with her cousin Wyatt
Rita & Sarah Beth
Jake playing
Ready to play outside

The "Coach's Circle"
And, she's sleeping again!
Nano & Sarah Beth
Playing just outside the water table wasn't good enough for Hayley

Here's Sarah Beth finally awake...

We had a great time showing off our new addition!!  Thank you to every one that came!!