Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day!

Memorial Day was spent with the Josting's this year.  It was fun and laid back.  We went to their house to grill and just hang out.  It's always fun and stress free to hang out with them.  And, the girls love them and so do we!
Hannah eating some salsa!
Lexie and Sarah Beth
Hayley with her magnet.
She loves magnets!

She better never come home with this many beads from Mardi Gras...
They are having fun with all these beads...

"Man Talk"
SB doing her thing!
As always, we had a blast!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

First Day of Daycare!

Cecil Ray and I decided to start sending the girls to daycare one day a week everyother week.  Just so they can interact and play with other kids while I'm not with them and so I can have some alone time with Sarah Beth and catch up on chores around the house.  The lady that will be keeping them is one of his football players mom's.  She runs an in-home daycare.  I had to get pictures of their first day and of them playing with their new friends.
Meeting the kiddos and Mrs. Jaime...

Hannah's gonna take somebody out if they mess with her...
They did wonderful.  No crying when I left and they had a really good day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Playdate at the Park

Play dates are so much fun and they are some much needed playtime with other kiddos.  We went to the park this week with our friends and had a blast playing in the water and running around!!
Hayley playing in the water.
Hannah not wanting to get wet yet.
Hayley LOVES the water...
Hannah avoiding the water.
Hannah picking up trash...what a good helper.
Playing in the water again...
Hannah stopping for lunch.
Hayley still in the water!
Sarah Beth is getting hungry as I'm trying to get a picture.
Ella the bathing beauty.
Now, on to the sand for Hannah. Ella and Danielle joined us for some fun too!
Playing with Ella.

SB went right back to sleep.
We had a fun time at the park today!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sarah Beth 2 Months

Our baby girl is  2 months old and she is such a cutie!!
We went to the doctor today and she is growing like a weed!
Weight: 14 lbs. 3 oz
Length: 24"
Her milestones this month...
Holding her head up, being on a good schedule (eating every 3-4 hours and sleeping through the night), sleeping in her own bed and she LOVES it, sitting in her "Bumbo".  She also loves tummy time which is REALLY different from the twins.

We love you sweet girl!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pics, Pics, & More Pics

Just a little update on random pictures and fun we have at home!!

Hayley's DAILY attire...HEELS!
Hayley also LOVES to dress up in her Halloween costume still...
Hannah (I have to sneak pictures of her)


My cute little nerd Hannah
Her shoes are even mismatched...
Sarah Beth having some tummy time...
Ducky Hayley again...
Hannah's turn
Hayley also LOVES to sit in this basket their toys go in.  Notice the tutu...
I Can't Wear Pink Everyday!"
That's what her shirt reads...

Beautiful baby girl...
Kisses from Hannah...
Sweet Baby...
(Yes, she has oven mitts on as socks, this girls is so silly)
Tummy Time...she LOVES it!
Wearing Daddy's shoes...
All dressed up...
I love getting just fun random shots of the girls!!