Thursday, October 22, 2009

Toy's, Bumbo's and Dog's

Well, we've had a lot going on in the learning department this week. It's funny how when they discover they can do something, they do it all the time!
Here is Hayley during tummy time. She's really getting good at holding her head up she can mostly do it on her own now.I had to throw in a couple of "head shots" so you can really see how they are growing (and how darn cute they are)...
HannahHayleyWe put them in their Bumbo's for the first time to see how they would do and they did great!
Here's Hayley...And, here's Hannah (she is getting so much better at holding her head up too, just a little behind sister)...But, she has sister beat in grabbing toys (now, Hayley has Hannah beat in the grabbing skin and pinching department but still hasn't grabbed a toy that is hanging)...She likes to make the music play...Last weekend, we took at trip to Hamburg to meet some family. We put Mamaw Sue under strict instructions not to let Hannah fall asleep since we would be in the car heading home shortly and we wanted her to sleep in the car. Well, let's just say Mamaw Sue isn't a very good listener...Now, Hannah is so close to rolling over from her back to her belly. You can't really tell here but she is on her side, looking up. When I put her down her feet were at the "kicking" ball but she wanted to move I guess...Hayley looks mad but I was trying to get her smiling and this is what I came up with. She was really happy sitting up like a big girl, she just doesn't like mommy to get pictures of her smiling...I guess sitting up like a big girl wore her out because she fell asleep...

Hayley also LOVES the dogs and they love her too. We might have another Aunt Crystal on our hands (she's a vet). Here she is with Roscoe...And here giving Rex a kiss...After all this in a week, Hannah says she has had enough and can't stand anymore...
Stay posted...we leave Friday for the girls first trip to Texas after a brief stop in Shreveport to see Aunt Crystal and Uncle Andrew!! Mima has a BIG party planed for them so everyone can see them in person. We are so excited..."Talk" to ya next week!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

So, Sonya and I decided it would be fun for us to go to the pumpkin patch with the kids. Now, our husbands thought we were crazy and were asking what 3 month old's do at the pumpkin patch. take pictures and lots of them. Even if it is freezing cold. Example...

Here is Hannah all covered up on the hayride.Hayley too!Trey was all bundled up in his coat...Then, we took some family pictures...I had this great idea to set the girls among the pumpkins to get some great shots of them. Well, they kept sliding down but they still look cute!!We got someone to get a "family" shot. We call it a "family" shot because the girls and Trey are never allowed to date so they are "cousins". Shh...don't tell the daddy's but Hannah and Trey already have a secret crush. They laugh and smile at each other, it is too cute!!Here is Daddy with his girls...And, Mommy...While Sonya and I got the kids back in their car seats and ready to go, BJ and CR went to get pumpkins...When we got home, I wanted some more pictures in their cute outfits Mima got them. She bought the onesies and I made the tutus and bows!!

Here's, Hayley...And, Hannah...I love this one of the two of them...Hannah decided to be a little ham. Hayley was ready for her nap! Hannah, not so much. She still wanted to cheese!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

2-3 Months

What a fun month we had this month. We had lots of visitors, did lots of things, and hit some milestones. First, Hayley smiled for the first time and I tried to get a picture and this is what I came up with...She's a silly little girl.

Next, Mima came and visited. We had a lot of fun with her and are so thankful she was here to help with shots. It's not easy taking two babies to the doctor by yourself. Here is Mima and Hayley...And, Mima with Hannah... We played dress up too...Mima gave them their first mani and pedi's...This is their first mail. It was their Social Security cards...I finally got Hayley smiling...When daddy went to Hamburg, mommy let the girls take a nap with her. They loved it!!Nannie and Sherry came to visit and I got to get a picture with me and the girls...Then, Nancy came to visit. Boy did she have a great time...

We love to meet daddy at the park for lunch. Here is Hannah happy to see him...And, Hayley...she just woke up...Grandma came to visit too. The girls hadn't seen her since July...
Finally, Hannah grabbed a toy for the first time on this day so I ran and got the camera.
But, she let go as I was taking the picture. Man, I gotta get better at this!!
Now that I am all caught up on their/our lives I will be posting things as they happen.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

1-2 Months

I didn't put the pictures of Aunt Shawn, Tyler and Maci's visit to see the girls so I am adding them to this post.
We had their pictures taken when they were one month old. These were two of my favorites along with the one at the top of our blog (the big black and white one).
Hannah Jane
Hayley Marie
The girls getting ready to go to the doctor for their weigh in.
Then, Brooke and Nancy came to visit the girls. I'm almost sure you all could hear Nan screaming when she got here. We had a blast! The girls had their first Hobby Lobby trip and they were so good! Only Brooke would pick a favorite twin it was Hannah.

Brooke with the girls!
So, Dr. Slay told us to start tummy time and we did. Now, it is considered to be baby exercise and the girls can't stand doing it (they take after their mom on this I guess). But, they have to do it.

Hannah doing more looking at herself than exercise.

Hayley took full advantage of tummy time.

Here are just a couple of pictures to see how much they have grown.



Then, Mima (my mom, Monica), Morgan & Gyvonne came to visit. We had so much fun. The kids enjoyed holding, feeding, and dressing the girls. Couldn't get them to change diapers though. Maybe next time.

Mima and Hayley
Gyvonne with "his baby," he wouldn't have anything to do with Hannah because she wasn't "his baby!"

We took the girls for their first dining out experience. It went very well they were so good! Cecil Ray and Mima were there too, they just didn't get in the picture. Well, Mima was taking the picture!
This month we had a BIG milestone. Hannah started smiling. Here is a BIG one...
Finally, daddy took all his girls out on our first date. We went to Garven Woodland Gardens. It was VERY hot but the girls are troopers and stuck it out. By the time we took this picture, they were starving!!

That's about all that went on during months 1-2. 2-3 month blog coming soon...