Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best Gift EVER!

For Christmas, Mima got the girls a BIG trampoline. They didn't get it until we got back home and CR had some help putting it together. So, while the family was here for the Mahaffey Christmas, the men folk helped put it together. The look on their faces when they saw it was AWESOME! Didn't know if they'd be scared or how they would react but they LOVED it and were SO excited to JUMP!!

Hayley and Hannah having a blast! 
I think they jumped for 30 solid minutes and didn't even stop! 
Sarah Beth even enjoyed jumping! 

Hannah taking a breather and you can see Hayley (blurry) laying down in the background next to CR. 
So, the next day, they wanted to jump again and it was COLD but, daddy was sweet enough to take them out (I stayed in with SB). 
Thank you Mima for the best gift EVER!

Mahaffey Christmas 2011

The "Mahaffey" Christmas was at our house also this year. Everyone came down and spent the night, it was so much fun!

Big Daddy pushing the girls on the swing.
Sherry & Sarah Beth
Swinging High!
Papaw, SB, & Sherry hanging out on the porch.
The twins LOVE Hunter, especially now that he will pay attention to them.
(He doesn't play with babies until the can walk and talk good.)
Brooke in the tee pee with the girls that she and Hunter got them.
Time to decorate cookies...
"See Mine."
I think Hayley only ate the icing!
Nano's decorating skills...
(Not sure who's it is)
Brooke's gingerbread girl...
Sherry got the girls a bowling game and they went to town.
Oh silly girl!
When I was the twins age, Nano made me a night gown with a night cap. So, this year, she made the girls one just like it and they LOVED them!! They look like little dolls.

Well, two out of three were excited...
Opening gifts...
Nannie Helping SB
Hayley checking out her clothes.
Nannie and Papaw got the girls a purse and right when they opened them, they asked Papaw for money! It was funny and scary at the same time!
Hannah and her purse.
Wild and crazy bunch!
Little girls...
Ready to go shopping,
Bid Daddy at TaMolly's sporting SB's bib and bow...
Hunter and Brooke with SB and Hannah.
Oh Hayley...
Hannah and her "friend"
It was a fun time with the family!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dallas Zoo!

Cecil Ray had to head back to work but we stayed and played with Mima some more. We went to the Dallas Zoo and this was the first time the twins really enjoyed being there because they could run around and look at everything.
We decided to rent a "jeep" just in case they didn't want to walk (and so we could move a little faster).
SB enjoying herself too. It was a beautiful day to go!
Hayley found this little lamb and loved "riding" it!
Hannah just strolling along...
Hannah telling us all about the fish.
"You understand?"
Petting Zoo.
This girls is ALWAYS smiling!
Then, it was off to the playground for a bit.

Lunch time and Hannah had Nachos
(Bet you couldn't tell).
Sweet Hayley
And there she is smiling...
Off to see more animals.
Mima & Hayley
Mommy & Hannah
Talking to the parrots.
Mommy & SB
Hannah, Sarah Beth, & Hayley

Showing they are as big as the penguins.
Notice how we have to take several of every pose,
never know what you are going to get!
Watching the Penguins
Getting a little chilly
Train ride to see all the animals from up high!

Mima & her girls
Animals below...
The girls loved the chimps. There were twin babies and the girls thought it was so cool that they were twins just like them!
Baby foot... 

Playing on the crocodile.

Elephants! We got there just in time for their feeding, it was fun to watch them except Hannah was scared and went off to do her own thing. 

Hayley LOVED it though. I'm serious when I say this girl is obsessed with animals! 

Here is Hannah doing her own little thing.

Lions, these pictures turned out so cool with the sun setting. 
Hayley really wanted to touch them. 

Hannah getting brave.

The last thing we saw was the giraffes. 

Telling the parrots before we left. 
On the way home, we stopped at Babies R Us and bought a new stroller that all the girls can ride on. 
Later that night, Hannah found Mima's glasses and was "reading". 
What a fun day!