Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oh Those Silly Cossey Girls

Again, these are just some random silly pictures of the Cossey girls!
Jumping, jumping, jumping!
Playing on a fall day.
Lexie let SB get into the tarter sauce!
Oh and the dress up...
Those are my silly girls!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Petting Zoo!

Today, we decided to go to the Jubilee Zoo with Mima. It's a little petting zoo in Shreveport. Nothing big but the girls LOVED it!

Hannah feeding the sheep with Daddy.
Hayley feeding sheep with Daddy.
Hannah watching the goats.
Me feeding the goats...they were hungry!
Me, Mima, and Sarah Beth checking out more goats.
Hayley is loving this.
Hannah feeding sheep.
Time to jump!
Bounce house fun!
Next, we went on an animal hay ride.
Daddy and SB
Mima & Hannah
Mommy & Hayley
The animals literally ate the hay out from under us.
Hannah and the horses.
The horse behind me was eating my seat!
Feeding the camel.
Daddy and SB with the camel.
Hayley is ready to feed.
Pony rides!
Then, off to milk the goat!
Hayley's turn.

These pictures are going to look like "repeats" but, these were taken from my phone and I forgot to upload them so I just added them to the bottom.

Hayride again.

The chickens and roosters would just jump up on the trailer with us.
Hannah driving the tractor.

Hayley driving now.
Mommy & her baby!
Pretty sure Hannah almost got stuck.
Takin' a break!
Pony rides.
Bottle time.
More goat milking pictures.
Daddy took a turn.
The got ribbons for milking the goat.
The ribbons say, "I milked a diary goat."
Yes, it says "diary" instead of "dairy".
The girls also got to feed a baby llama.

That evening, we went to eat dinner with Mima before she had to head back home.

What a fun time we had!