Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Fun!

I'm not sure if I will continue the "monthly" picture blog of the just the "fun" pictures. They seem to get long but, I also enjoy seeing how much they change and do over the month. So, it's a toss up!
SB has learned how to put her socks and shoes on.
(sorry the picture turned, not sure what happened)
Reading at the Library...

One night while daddy was at football, I decided to have a "glow bath". I gave the girls each a glow stick and turned the lights out, they LOVED IT!

They really do love each other!

"Please just one?"
Cheese dip anyone?
Welcome Callie Anne!!

Hayley taking a "selfy"
Love those rolls...

It's a tiger princess!!
The duck costume returns...

Refusing to close her eyes to pray!
SB getting to ride in Daddy's truck.

Just playing...

Caught in Tripp's underwear again!
Sweet girl!

One Monday, SB and Hayley were sick so, they had to wait in the car while Hannah went into gymnastics. So thankful for friends who will help out when I need help!!
Hayley's tea party...
We visited a different library and the girls had fun building...

Yes, she still fits in the swing under the weight limit.
Just girls!

A family trip to Chuck E. Cheese one random night.

That about wraps up November. Can't believe December is already here!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Decorating for Christmas

Decorating for Christmas gets to be more and more fun as the girls get older and "help" more and more. We started with putting the girls tree in the playroom...


Sarah Beth still "helping"

After we got it up, the girls just sat and looked at it...

The next day, the decorated the tree with Daddy while I put up our big tree in the living room.

It is truly their creation and they got to decorate it however they wanted!

Here is what I did while they decorated their tree...
After they finished and I was still putting stuff out, they decided to have a tea party using the tub lids. Love these sweet girls...

And, they managed to fish out all the Christmas stuffed Animals to join them!

Here is the rest of our decorations...
 Hot Chocolate Bar.
 The Stockings were hung...
 The girls wanted to help wrap so, here's our paper for this year...
 One of my favorite and so many great memories with this one!

 Now, let the holiday fun begin!!