Monday, April 30, 2012

Fun Times in April

This is my end of the month long post with a thousand pictures. They are random little things and pictures taken here and there.
Trying to get a sister shot...
SB ready for church in her new dress!
Giving herself a hair treatment.

Nothing like a chocolate chip cookie...
Sweet girl...
The dress up princess!
Silly girls.
Playing in the rain.
Sister love
Hannah and Roscoe, her buddy
Having a cookie
Play date at our house.
It wore these two out!
We said we would never put pictures of our kids up without clothes on but if that were the case, we wouldn't have many pictures since they play dress up so much. But, I wanted to post these of Hayley since her surgery. Before, you could see her ribs sicking out and she was just thin! Now, she has put of some weight and looks great!
Check out that belly!
This was taken right before we left for camping. Hayley got the strawberries out of the cooler and started chowing down on them.  So stinkin' cute!
But, this is what happens when she eats too many strawberries, her face breaks out! Still, she's a cutie!
Hannah Jane
Look who can climb up and reach!
Here is another creation taken with my phone and edited by Hannah.
Messy Messy girl!
Princess Hannah!
Dancing princesses.
Hayley is obsessed with blocks and animals. Here she has built a zoo, a zoo with only one pin in it...haha. She was so proud of herself though!
Visiting the zoo.
Overhead view of the zoo at feeding time!
Love these girls SO SO SO much!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Camping at Tyler State Park!

We went camping this weekend with Mima at Tyler State Park.
The girls are awake and ready to go!
Playing on the "beach"
Searching for shells.
Sarah Beth being a big girl drinking her juice box.
Mima and Hayley
Daddy and Hannah
Playing in the sand.
Mima and Hannah

(I must admit I took these pictures because he said something to me about me being on my phone too much)

So, we found these ducks and that's all they wanted to do is feed them...

We needed some ice so Mima carried it back to the campsite...
And, we wore SB out!
Day 2, Hannah is ready to go!
Mima fixing breakfast...
Hayley eating as many strawberries as she can...

Daddy playing in the tent with the girls.
Hayley with her binoculars.
Hannah having a talk with me.
Mima introduced the girls to marshmallow cream and Hayley LOVED it!

Sarah Beth being silly
(we really did let her out of the stroller,she just finished eating and this is the only way we could contain her to eat)
Someone else loved the marshmallow cream too.
Playing on the playground.
There's those ducks again...
And, they lost all interest in the playground...

After the girls took a long nap laid down for a little bit, we went swimming in the lake.
I forgot their puddle jumpers (best things ever) but glad the state park store had these.
Family fun in the pool
(I forgot my swim suit too)
Mima and SB
OK, I love this picture of Hannah, Hayley on the other hand looks like she is chocking and we don't even care. She was coughing and I caught her just at the right time.
We also rode paddle boats but I don't have any pictures because it was the worst thing we have ever done I think. The girls didn't like it at all and just wanted off. Not to mention all the moss growing and getting tangled in the paddle. Not sure I've ever had such a hard leg workout!
We did have a great time though and can't wait to go back!