Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Sillies!

These sweet girls are always making me smile! Here are the "just hanging out" pictures for September.
Opening cards they got in the mail...
Hayley drew us and added stickers ALL BY HERSELF. I'm impressed!!
This is their favorite thing to do, hang out with daddy and watch a show before bed.
Dress up is still big in our house!
Even with SB. And, she uses the bassinet as a baby carrier and carries it around everywhere.
Cheese! (Yes, that's Hayley that Hannah has pinned in the laundry basket!
Little Cheerleader.
Hannah has learned the pass code to my phone and can now take pictures of herself without me having to "help" her get started.

Then, she busted her lip a few days later and wanted to take pictures of it too...

SB sitting in the doll stroller being silly.
These are our new friends. They hang out at our house and the neighbors house. Since they started redoing our community lake, they have had to find food and shelter elsewhere and since we are across the street, I guess our houses looked good.
This girl loves to put shoes on and take them off.
Putting on a show.
Hayley still rockin' the duck costume two years later.
SB always makes this "cheese" face and she closes her eyes when she does it...mess!
Hannah not wanting her picture taken.
Annnd, she's out! Played so hard she just fell asleep.
Hayley dressed as Belle and reading her book.

SB is very interested in going to the potty...
Another famous Hayley tea party!

SB, all ready to go somewhere.

The twins have emptied the cubby shelf and have made a zoo with their animals. Love the creativity.
Someone got a yogurt stick and was eating on it in the entryway. Still don't know how or where she got it.
Hayley and SB playing in the laundry basket.
Oh, you never know what you will see going on at our house.
Music time!
Watching a show before bed.
Hannah dressed up like "Miss Emily"
Love these girls and all their silliness! Can't believe how fast time is going by!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Zoe's 4th Brithday Tea Party

The twins BFF Zoe, had a "ParTEA" for her fourth birthday. My pictures are a little out of order but, you can see how adorable it was and what a wonderful job Zondra did decorating and providing activities for them to do...

Hannah looking stylish...
Girls rockin' out!

Hannah getting her nails done...
Hayley making a necklace...

More decorations and food...

SB playing baby dolls...
The table...

Tea Party fun!

Hayley making her hat...

All ready...

Hayley and Ella Hope
Hayley and SB

Hannah making her necklace.
All dolled up!

Gift time!

Someone did NOT want to go home...
Sweet girls had a blast!

Happy Birthday Zoe!!