Monday, August 22, 2011

Sarah Beth 5 Months

Five months come and gone...SB is such a blessing to have in our lives and her sisters LOVE her!!
We didn't have a doctor's appointment this month so we don't have weight and height for this month.
Milestones: Rolling over both way's, sitting up (for a little bit), talking ALL the time, eating veggies, & on all 4's ready to crawl!
Here are her 5 month pictures...

Hayley and SB
Hannah and SB
Our pretty girl ready to eat!
Having green beans for the first time...

Happy 5 Month's SB!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Dedication (Times 3)!

We had baby dedication at church on August 21.  We decided to have all three girls dedicated since we hadn't had the twins dedicated yet.  We had several people come watch...Mima, Grandma, Nannie, Papaw, Aunt Shawn, Tyler, Maci, Michelle, TJ, Lexie, Pat Pat, Danielle & Walter.  It was such a special day for us...

They did a sweet little slide show and these are the pictures we put in it.



Sarah Beth..

Afterwards, we went to Chili's for lunch!
This was a wonderful time with family and friends. We loved having them there to let them and our church know we are and will be raising our kids in a loving Christian home, teaching them about Jesus EVERY chance we get and setting examples for them!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maci's 6th Birthday Party

Maci turned 6 this year and we were there to celebrate!
Papaw Ray and Hannah
Mamaw & Sarah Beth 
You will notice they have a sucker in just about every picture. Well, that is thanks to Aunt Shawn who had them in reach of the girls.
You will notice the blue bandage on her finger. She had a staph infection on her finger and we had to cover it up.
Now they are trying to feed Daddy a sucker. 

Time for cake!
Maci with her friends. 
Me, Hannah, Hayley, Maci, Peyton & Aunt Crystal
Hayley getting sleepy. 
And, in other news...Sarah Beth is sleeping! 
All the kids swimming.
Maci getting in one last slide before we had to leave. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gulf Shores Days 6-7

Day 6 was spent on the beach playing and I didn't get any pictures during the day.  But, that night we did the "Family Beach Picture" thing.  And, I'm REALLY happy with the ones we got.

The Cossey Family

I love this one it's just far away.
This is our favorite!
Turn around for 2 seconds and this is what happens...
We tried to keep them clean!

Then, we attempted all of us (That is all of us that were still there.)

This one was close...

Then, we got it...
And even tried another but not as good!
Mr. & Mrs. Cossey


Hannah too busy to even look at me...
Sarah Beth and Daddy
(I LOVE this picture. It's so cute and the color is perfect (not edited at all))
Mommy and the twins (Hannah, Hayley)

Mommy & Hannah

Silly girls playing on the floor...
Sweet baby girl...
 Now on to Day 7, our last day...sniff sniff.
The picture aren't very good because we had to use a disposable camera because the batteries in ours went out and we didn't want to go to the store and waste any time on the beach!

Daddy and Hannah in the water 
Lexie and her friend were on vacation there too and come to see us.
Lexie and Sarah Beth... 
Me, Hayley, Lexie & Hannah
Sarah Beth relaxin' 
Lexie & Hannah
Me, Hannah, Bailey, Hayley & Lexie
Just talking. 
Daddy was trying to build a sand castle but there was a demolition team close by that wouldn't let him. 

Daddy was sad, he couldn't protect his castle anymore, the twins won! 
Mommy getting kisses from Hannah. 
I absolutely LOVE these pictures of Hannah... 

This blurry picture is Hannah's first try at photography. Not sure how that career will turn out. 
Mommy & the twins playing in the sand.
The girls destroying someones creation. 

I took this picture from our balcony while the "four" kids were napping.  So peaceful!
Our little "spot" for the day...

Cecil Ray went and bought us an umbrella and these chairs. I was so proud of him because he said he had to dig to the bottom of the bin to get chairs that matched our thoughtful of him with his OCD wife that likes everything to match.
We had an amazing vacation and we can't wait for many many more!