Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Gymnastics Show-off!

The girls had their gymnastics "Show Off" last night and they were so proud!
Getting ready to stretch...

Hannah doing her forward roll...

Hayley's turn...

Ella on the beam...
Zoe on the beam...
Hannah not waiting on Ms. Leigh Ann being brave...
Anyone who knows Hannah knows how big it was for her to do this on her own!
(Even if she was supposed to wait her turn)
Looks like she's crying but, she's just happy!

Here's Hayley, she looks so small!

Getting a hug from sister for doing so good!
Backward Rolls

Front flips



Hayley getting her certificate

Hannah getting her certificate

Great Job Girls!!
Beautiful Gymnast's

With Ms. Leigh Ann
We took the girls out to Chick-fil-A afterwards!

They were so proud of how well they did so, we rewarded them with dinner and some playtime!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Gulf Shores 2012- Days 8&9

On day 8, we headed to New Orleans! I've never been there and wanted to see it. We decided we would drive there, spend the night and head home the next morning. Well, that quick 4 hour drive turned into 10 hours with traffic and stuff. The girls had enough of the car and started getting cranky and silly...

We FINALLY made it to New Orleans and it was CRAZY packed! The houses were beautiful though...

It took us about an hour to make one block! CR ended up dropping me off at the French Market (all the girls were FINALLY sleeping) while we circled the block again which would give me about an hour to shop. I had a great time looking around. I bought a couple of things but nothing much. Since it was so crowded and the girls were still asleep, we decided to drive on into Baton Rouge and stay the night there. We would be arriving right at dinner time so I was looking for a place to eat on my phone and saw that they had a Texas De Brazil!! We had never eaten there but had heard how wonderful it is so, we decided to go for it. I dressed the girls when we got there and it started raining as I was doing that and we were late for our reservations. The food was AWESOME and the service was great! The girls got a little bored so, SB started taking pictures of herself...

Then, we got a family photo on our way out.
I snapped this SUPER cute picture of my tan twins on the way out...
We headed back to the hotel, went swimming, took baths, and went to bed. Got up, checked out, ate breakfast and headed home! The trip from there wasn't bad at all. And, when we got home it took all of 5 min. for the girls to do this...
They sure did miss their toys and playroom!